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Our bottles are distributed by B.Giambrone. Established in 1904, Giambrone is a family-owned and operated business distributing produce, dry goods, and specialty non-alcoholic beverages throughout Rochester and Finger Lakes region.

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Katboocha kombucha offers a range of health benefits including vitamins, antioxidants,

and probiotics.


Although kombucha is not an all-curing drink, and no, it does not have magic powers per-say, it does return the body to a state of homeostasis. Our immune systems start working the way they should and many people experience a cleansing effect. Kombucha drinkers can’t get enough of this drink.

Why Sell Katboocha?

Katboocha in Rochester

Kombucha is a diverse, exciting new drink to Rochester, NY! Although this concoction has existed for thousands of years, kombucha is undergoing a revival nationwide and globally! The market is growing exponentially for kombucha and Katboocha, aims to bring this wacky, new elixir to Rochester as its first sole kombucha brewery!

Kombucha on the Rise -Market Statistics
The kombucha market has been growing 25% each year according to Markets and Markets. In 2015, the global kombucha market was valued at .6 billion and estimates show that it will grow to 1.8 billion USD by the year 2020.

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