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At Katboocha we believe in making happy healthy humans.

Everyone knows the way to the hearts is through the belly, and with a delicious probiotic-packed bottle of Katboocha, it’s love at first sip!


Katarina Eddy

How do we know all of this? We’re living proof that a diversified microbiome leads to a happy gut!


After years of digestion issues, combating with different diets, different doctors, I found kombucha. At first, I was nervous to try this sparkling, tangy drink having seen a homebrew and SCOBY (floating, fleshy deity of the ‘booch). With each taste, my gut stabilized and I knew I had to make my own. After a few failed attempts and some odd flavor choices, I finally hit my stride and started cranking out the ‘booch! I can say that kombucha has normalized my gut, curbed my bad eating habits, and lead to a healthier lifestyle. Now, I want to bring that to you: my community. 


Learn what kombucha can do for you!

Quite simply, it’s fermented tea!

Kombucha starts as a sweet tea base, commonly, from green or black tea.

The next step in turning the sweet tea into booch is adding our live, organic culture. This is called the SCOBY (a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) However, just adding a SCOBY isn’t enough; we also add the inoculant, or starter liquid.

Next, we give it lots of love and warmth as the bacteria and yeast party on! Over several days, or weeks depending on the environment, the tea will transform into the delicious tonic that we know as kombucha.

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