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At Katboocha we believe in making happy healthy humans.

Everyone knows the way to the hearts is through the belly, and with a delicious probiotic-packed bottle of Katboocha, it’s love at first sip!

kombucha brewery


Katarina Eddy

Why choose Kombucha?


Traditional kombucha is low in sugar and carbs, it's naturally effervescent and quite frankly, it's an addiction I don't have to feel bad about!

Kombucha attracts many types of people. Whether you're sober, underage, cutting out soda, or looking to add more lacto fermented foods into your diet, kombucha can help!

Why choose Katboocha?

We pride ourselves on producing "drinkable kombucha" I often describe our varying brews as: crushable, thirst-quenching, light, dazzling, citrucy, juicy, tart, or slightly sweet! There's no secret ingredient that makes our kombucha unique, rather it's the minimalist technique that keeps us tasty and true. Our kombucha is made with tea, sugar, water + kombucha culture. No added sugar, no added probiotics.

That's it! Raw + living kombucha. 

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Where to find us:

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106 Railroad St. Rochester NY 14609


Wednesday - Friday 12-6

Saturday 9-4

Sunday 10-4




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