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Katboocha walks the line of being trendy and timeless. We work hard to bring you the best branding to meet the exceptional quality of what's inside.

For some, kombucha is a choice, for others, it's an impulse buy.

What sustains from both? Repeat sales. 

Why Sell Katboocha?




Contact us directly with your inquiry and timeline at
We will respond with our current menu and pricing.

Please note that we use 5 gallon, ball lock corny kegs. Your first order will include a keg deposit.

12oz CANS

Our cans are distributed by B.Giambrone. Established in 1904, Giambrone is a family-owned and operated business distributing produce, dry goods, and specialty non-alcoholic beverages throughout Rochester and Finger Lakes region.

How to order:

1.  Fill out the New Customer Application 
2. Order at online or through the Blue Cart App

Katboocha in Rochester

Katboocha has set the standard for craft kombucha in Rochester. We have been fortunate to expose so many to this delightful drink, and have truly created the market for kombucha, locally. Our community knows what to expect from Katboocha because we commit to our quality.


When you choose our brand, you're choosing a trusted name for your customers. 


Kombucha on the Rise -Market Statistics
The kombucha market has been growing 25% each year according to Markets and Markets. In 2015, the global kombucha market was valued at .6 billion and estimates show that it will grow to 1.8 billion USD by the year 2020.