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It's Simple!

Our kombucha is made from 3 simple ingredients: Tea, Sugar and Kombucha culture! 

Things we do:

We will add whole fruits, herbs, spices, or other real ingredients to create unique flavors. We also do carbonate our kombucha to create uniformity with our bubbles between brews.

Things we don't do:

We don't add added sugar, pro/pre/post-biotics or juice.

Our kombucha is Gluten Free, Vegan, and Soy Free

Our Kombucha

Our Flavors

We offer 2-3 rotating seasonals throughout the year in cans


We can our top 3 flavors, our staples, all year round.
Those are: Grapefruit Lavender, Jasmine and Cashmere


How do I get my booch?

Visit us at the Booch Bar

We have 12 rotating taps of kombucha, some of which never make it to cans! These are limited releases that can be enjoyed at the shop either as a glass or try a kombucha flight, or taken home with a glass growler! We do sell growlers, however we will fill most any container you bring to us for a reduced price! 106 Railroad St. Rochester, NY

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